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How to get rid of bats in Memphis, TN

Bats tend to get into small places and high places! Bat Exterminators is really NOT the right word to use – we perform HUMANE bat removal and we guarantee our work.

Getting Rid of bats – DIY Q&A

1.) Can I get rid of bats myself?

  •  Sure, if you have the patience and are willing to do a lot of work on a ladder – you also need to be able to identify what to fix! – We can help you by getting rid of them for you in the first place!

2.) Are there baby bats?

  • There might be – it depends on the species and the time of year.  The rule of thumb is: “May-July let them fly!”

3.) How much does it cost to do a bat removal?

  • Memphis bat removal costs about the same as any other surrounding area! We base our fees on the amount of work that needs to be done. A simple one way door is much cheaper of course than having to seal a whole house! Obviously if you need attic restoration that would be much more expensive. Often your homeowners will cover damages – call us for an estimate

Bat Guano (poop)


Mexican-Free-Tailed Bat


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