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Squirrel Removal Memphis TN

We provide Professional Squirrel Removal in Memphis TN! A persistent squirrel problem can be difficult. To get rid of squirrels, we take the time to do it right. Our company does performs professional squirrel removal in a way that is hands down the best method for removing these animals from your property. We use positive trapping methods which include sealing the entire property of any actual or potential entry points. Once we have sealed all these areas we leave one area open. We utilize a bi-directional excluder trap over this area which guarantees to catch the animal whether it’s leaving the property or coming back in for the night. Often there is more than one squirrel which is why we always trap until they are gone! Placing a trap directly over the hole is the fastest way to get rid of squirrels. Sometimes, like trapping rats, trap placement is everything. A trap in the right spot will capture the squirrel right away. Keep in mind we are not going after every squirrel in the neighborhood but rather the ones that think they live there.

For a complete cost estimate we will need to look at the job. We will be looking for entry points and weak spots that could get exploited later. Our full interior and exterior inspection typically takes 45 min to an hour. During this inspection we will take digital pictures of all entry points (potential and actual), all wildlife damage such as chewed wires, damaged and soiled insulation, and damaged HVAC ductwork.

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While we offer many more types of animal removal services, these are 3 of the top wildlife offenders in our area. If you have an issue with wildlife invading your attic or getting into the walls of your house and you’re not sure what it is, call us so we can send over a qualified technician to inspect the situation. We guarantee you’ll be happy you did!

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