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Wildlife Control Services

Humane & Effective

We offer a multitude of services when it comes to wildlife control.

Wildlife removal from an attic in Memphis is different from building to building and structure to structure. When you call us we may need to know a few things in order to serve you better. Is this a single story house with an attic that we can access easily? Or do you have a two story house with an ongoing rodent problem? Some things can be quite a challenge. Having years of experience helps, and we are proud of a job well done. We guarantee our work.

Memphis TN Animal Removal Services

Humane and efficient, our goal is to remove the nuisance animal and repair any damages they leave behind. An animal in the attic or under the house could cause a health or safety issue.

Effective animal control (not just removal) is important, especially in primarily urban areas like Memphis, to keep the inhabitants of the city safe from heath hazards caused by messes left by wildlife.

Trapping is a skill used by our trained professionals to safely remove and secure the animal from harming your home or your family. Our humane removal tactics prove to be successful every time!

Wildlife can leave a pretty bad mess, including severe damages to your homes – we can fix it. Squirrels often damage roofs while moles can make your lawn look like a landmine. They’re not trying to be pests, but simply adapting to their new surroundings.

By far the most humane choice of wildlife control, exclusion makes the environment uncomfortable for the inhabiting animal, encouraging them to leave and find a new place to call home.

Removing the pollutants that the wildlife may have leftover in your home or area is important and should not be overlooked – long term exposure could cause serious health problems.

Dead animals can leave bad odors long after they’re removed – let us handle the odor removal with professional germicides, oxidizers, and disinfectants to ensure the smell (and the hazards) are gone!

Urine from any animal stinks – everyone knows that. Our certified professionals can properly clean and remove odor completely to restore your home to a more comfortable place!

We want to remove any animal feces as soon as possible to avoid odor problems, mold growth, parasites and pathogens, or pheromones to attact even more new wildlife.

If you know a squirrel, rat, or other animal is living inside your home, please call at the first signs of new neighbors! Don’t let them die in your home to cause further invasive procedures down the road!

Not sure what’s in there but you know you’re definitely not going in there? APEX Certified Professionals will handle it! Our wildlife inspections are effortless and give you peace of mind.

We’ll replace any damages done by wildlife that has been living in your attic, including insulation. Getting rid of the source is key to eliminating wildlife issues!

Squirrel Removal - Attic entry point

Squirrel entry point into the attic
Squirrel entry point into the attic

Animal Removal Service: Squirrel Removal

Here we have a squirrel who damaged the roof, tearing up the shingles and gaining entry. Looks like a typical drip edge problem. We see roof line issues like this a lot and know exactly what we need to do to catch the squirrel calling your attic his home and then seal the roof so you do not have a problem there again! Squirrels can cause a lot of damage to wiring and even burn down the house accidentally! If you are afraid of heights let us handle it. We are squirrel experts and we can get rid of that critter. We offer the most humane and effective trapping possible.

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