Rat Removal Tips & Tricks

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Apex Wildlife Control are the leading experts in Memphis rat removal, and the number 1 trapping company for fur animals in Tennessee! Our success has been attributed to not only our highly trained, bonded, and licensed technicians, but also to our methods. Rat removal, and most trapping for that matter, required a balance between technology and detective work. You can’t solely rely on equipment alone to produce results. Trapping live animals is no easy feat, but with a few small tips and tricks, your chances of success can greatly improve.

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Rat Removal Memphis

For example, rat removal requires an understanding of the species. Rats prefer climbing vines, so often times it’s best to set traps near pipes, drains, ducts, and any other objects they can climb. It’s important to adapt your trapping to the nuisance animals, whether it’s raccoon, snake, mole, or squirrel removal. Rat’s also leave rub marks on the sides of rooms as they brush their fur against it while surveying. Pay close attention to the bottom of the walls for what appear to be dirt stains. This is often a great sign of rats. Also, look for any foot prints on dusty cabinets, pipes, and ventilation systems.

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rats account for 20% off undetermined house fires

Having a keen understanding about the psychology of rats can also aid in rat removal. If a rat has been previously trapped, or you have previously had trapping done by yourself or a professional, it’s highly likely that your rats are trained to avoid traps. All it takes is for one his buddies, or worse himself, to have been trapped or snapped to quickly learn. If any kinds of traps have ever been used in your home, you’ll need to exercise patience when trapping. Rodent removal is going to be much more difficult if this is the case. It may take pre-baiting or other methods to get the rodents into the trap.

Stay tuned for more rat removal tips and tricks to come. As always, for all nuisance Memphis wildlife removal needs, call the professionals at Apex Wildlife Control. Our technicians will provide an inspection, consultation, and trapping to solve your problem. We also have a repair team to seal off entry points and wildlife proof your home.