Domestic Animal Removal

Domestic Animal Removal

Lately we’ve received a lot of phone calls regarding Dogs and Cats. While Apex Wildlife does offer wildlife control services, we do not handle domestic animals. If you live in the City of Memphis, the local government offers these services free of charge. If you, or anyone you know, is in need of domestic animal services, call 901-636-7995. However, if you have a dead animal such as a dog or cat we can help with that! We can provide carcass removal and deodorization, we will locate the animal and remove the smell.

Domestic Animal Control Service can be reached at 901-636-1416, while the Humane Society at 901-937-3900. Further information and answers can be found here.

Injured Wildlife

If you have found an injured animal, such as a bird, raccoon, or squirrel, contact your local wildlife rehabilitation group immediately. Do not move the animal, as the mother could be watching from afar. Birds can be placed back inside a nest, contrary to myth that they will be rejected when exposed to human scent. This is false, as birds do not take in smells the way we do. The best course of action will be to contact a rehab group to come pick up and rescue to injured animal. There are many such groups in the Greater Memphis area who will pick it up for no charge. A full list of these animal rehab groups can be found here.

As always, Apex Wildlife Control seeks to educate our clients and local residents. It is our belief that animals should be handled humanely, with respect and dignity.