Apex Wildlife Squirrel Removal

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Squirrel removal in Memphis can be challenge for homeowners in Memphis that attempt to do it on their own. Squirrels seem to find every weak spot on a house and many times it is the roof line. We check the roof for these weak spots such as inside and outside corners. Squirrels are thought to be attracted to these small crevices in the winter as warm air exits the attic and in the summer as cooler air is vented. They will sometimes just investigate an attic in search of nesting materials and then decide to stay.

A squirrel in the attic is often safer in there than in a tree where overhead dangers for a squirrel exist. Squirrels can be hunted by hawks but when they are in the attic it is very difficult for other animals to get to them and in this way squirrels can protect their young.

While it is nice to know our attics are useful we just cannot have them in there chewing wires, or making a small crack into a large one! If you have squirrels damaging the roof, give us a call. We’ll trap and remove them. Once they are gone we can do our repair work to completion.

Squirrels in Memphis are usually Grey Squirrels but we do have other kinds of squirrels in our area. Call APEX Wildlife to get rid of squirrels!

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