Residential & Commercial Damage

  • Identify Access Points

    Wildlife living in or under your home or business will have found their way in through entry points - holes through which they come in and out. These holes may be in the wood fascia, soffits, siding or roof of your home or business. These animals chew and pull out building materials in order to gain access. Holes in your structure are often made larger with the passage of time. Groundhogs can dig large holes under foundations that can cause the building to sink
  • Take Action

    If neglected, serious damage will occur. These entry points must be repaired to prevent re-entry after the species is removed. A colony of Honey Bees can build a hive of thousands of bees, with large amounts of honey that will rot wood and sheet rock. A raccoon made himself a home in the attic of this home by ripping a hole in the roof to gain access. APEX will remove the wildlife, repair the damage and seal the building to prevent re-entry.