Clean Up The Mess

  • Avoid Contamination

    Whenever animals live inside your home, they often soil the area with feces and urine. This is especially true in attics and under houses. Droppings from bats (guano) can cause ceilings to rot and create a stench. Feces from larger animals can create unsanitary conditions in your attic or under your house. Insulation will often be soiled and need to be replaced. There may or may not be odor depending upon the size of waste, amount, age and temperature. Opossum, raccoon and skunks leave larger sized droppings which may need to be removed and the area sanitized.
  • Restore Safe Conditions

    If large quantities are not removed, it not only is unsightly and creates an odor, but can attract insects. An unhealthy condition can arise which no homeowner or property owner wants to deal with. Odors can be caused from dead animals. Animals often die in attics, walls and under floors from poisons, being hit by automobiles, and becoming sick and diseased. They may die in a difficult to reach area, and a hole may have to be cut in a wall for extraction. Whatever your odor is, APEX can locate the cause and remove it, then sanitize and deodorize the area, making your home smell good again.