• Chewing Habits

    All rodents such as grey squirrels, flying squirrels, rats and mice chew. Their front teeth continue to grow throughout their lifetime. Keeping their teeth from growing too long is a biological necessity; therefore all such rodents must chew in order to regulate the size of their teeth. Unfortunately, rodents gnawing into power lines, or chewing off insulation from power lines in attics and walls create a very serious fire hazard.
  • The Facts

    A large percentage of fires of undetermined origin (approximately 25% - 40%) are caused by electrical wires that have been damaged by rodents. Often animals bring in leaves and other nesting material which can be ignited from wires stripped of their insulation by chewing rodents. APEX inspects wiring during the initial inspection and reports any damage back to the property owner. Defective wiring due to nuisance wildlife can be detected and repaired.