Rodent Control

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Your Place for Effective Rodent Control

You may need to schedule rodent control services if you’re hearing scampering, crawling, or scratching in your walls or attic. Typically an animal, such as a raccoon, squirrel, or rat will enter the home through breaches in your attic or walls. It’s during mating or cold seasons, where an animal may choose to settle in for safety and shelter. As these nuisance animals take up residence, they begin to destroy your home from the inside. Health & fire hazards become a reality as feces, disease, and chewed wiring & ducts manifests. These are only a few concerns that Apex Wildlife Control has when it comes to wildlife control. As summer quickly turns into fall, we once again find our company entering into the busiest season of the year. It’s from fall to winter that nuisance wildlife activity surges.


rodent control
Apex Wildlife Control can repair damages & entry points such as this.

Nuisance Wildlife: the Threat to Your Property

Small rodents such as squirrels, rats, raccoons, rats, and mice can pose a variety of dangers to your home & family. For example, small rodents account for 20% of undetermined fires. That’s because these animals chew wiring, leaving exposed ends that can catch fire. Many of our customers are unaware of these present dangers, which is why we perform home inspections in every trapping job. With the Apex Wildlife Control 3 Point Plan, you get a full inspection & evaluation, consultation, and trapping to solve wildlife problems. Apex Wildlife Control prevents and eliminates wildlife problems for good!

The busy fall season is right around the corner, which is why we are amping up our squirrel & raccoon control. Now is the time to seal up any entry points & prevent future incidents from occurring. With our trapping services, we’ll be sure to go the extra mile to remove any & all animals in your attic, walls, or yard. No matter the species (rats, mice, raccoons, or squirrels), Apex Wildlife Control has you covered.


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