Eliminate Fire Hazards With a Home Inspection

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Prevent 20% of Fires With a Home Inspection

It’s time for a home inspection. Did you know that chewed wiring by small rodents accounts for 20% of undetermined house fires?If left unhampered, nuisance wildlife such as raccoons, rats, & mice will destroy duct-work, vents, and wiring. All of which can lead to disastrous fires that can be prevented with a quick home inspection. Apex Wildlife Control offers a very low cost, top-to-bottom inspection that covers everything so you can rest-assured.

What’s Included?

Apex Wildlife Control’s home inspection & consultation, covers a complete analysis of your home & property. Our wildlife experts check from foundation to rooftop for signs of chewed wiring, damaged foundation, duct-work, and animal activity. Unfortunately, many of these dangers go unnoticed or ignored, which leads to even greater problems. You may be unaware of present activity, and need decontamination, fecal removal, or trapping to prevent health hazards. Don’t put you & your family at risk if you don’t have to. Our experts will consult & advise upon inspection, putting you on the right track to solving your problem.

What If You Find Activity?

If Apex Wildlife Control finds signs of animal activity during our inspection, then upon consultation we will advice trapping. Trapping is always your best means to end a nuisance wildlife problem. Not only does it assure the animal is gone, and not dead in a floorboard or wall, but it also eliminates other pests and wildlife. Similarly, we will advice exclusion to seal up breaches in your roof, walls, or foundation.

Exclusion is the only guaranteed way to solve the problem when it comes to solving a rodent issue in an attic or home. When you purchase exclusion services from Apex Wildlife Control, we guarantee the work for 1 year. As CEO Charles Harris says, “choosing not to purchase exclusion is the same as leaving the door open when you have a fly problem”. If you don’t seal the entry point, other animals will eventually find a way into your home.

Do Rats Chew Wires in Cars?

The short answer is yes! Rats do chew wires in cars as well as attics and can cause small electrical fires but worse than that they can render your car useless if it doesn’t start. Car engines are warm and can attract a rodent for that reason alone. Once inside the engine compartment they can cause all sorts of damage as they instinctively chew on the wiring. If you suspect rodent damage, call us. Our trained technicians will come up with a plan to combat these invaders and help you get rid of the rats for good – if we cannot help you nobody can! We never give up and always succeed!

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