Squirrel Removal in Memphis, TN

We know how to get rid of squirrels and stop the noises in the attic. Squirrels as you may know can make an awful racket in the attic. Many times people hear the noises and think it’s a rodent but often it’s just a couple of squirrels going at it! We find the holes and even repair them. Our work is guaranteed and we stand behind it.

Sometimes a squirrel hole is very hard to find – and that’s where we really shine!

We work hard to find all points of entry – even potential future spots.

Squirrel in the attic!

Squirrel in the attic - Memphis, TN

Insulation Damaged by Squirrel


Squirrel removal Service Specifications

Squirrels mate at least twice a year, so if you have squirrels up there right now you may have many more in the years to come unless you take care of it! Our approach is simple: Get rid of the squirrels calling your attic their home and repair any damage that they may have done. Often we do the following things to get rid of squirrels when people call.

  • Home Inspection: exterior shell
    • Attic Inspection
    • Roof Inspection
    • Ground level Inspection
  • Trapping
  • Repairs
  • Warranty
  • Follow-up Inspection within 2 years

Home Inspection: We go around the outside, inspecting the walls from the top to the bottom. Squirrels often use tree limbs to access the roof and then use weak spots on the corners or the dormer roof returns to enter.

Trapping: We trap and remove from the area the squirrels that are causing the problem

Repairs: We repair any damage that was done by the squirrel

Warranty: The length of your warranty will depend on the condition of the home, but commonly it’s 1-5 years depending on the circumstances.

Follow-up: Sometimes it just gives people peace of mind to know that the squirrel problem is gone for good!