Rodent Removal Technique

Rodent Removal Method

Construction gap - Mouse Entry point

Construction gap - Mouse Entry point

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Rodent Removal Methods

We are always working to improve our methods. The picture at left shows a setup that allows us to determine through the use of powder what type of rodents you have. Memphis rat removal can be tough in places like Germantown and Collierville due to the types of construction in that area. We are experts at rat removal, prevention and repair work related to mice and rats. Our goal is to solve the problem, not just treat it.

Cost of Rodent Removal

When it comes to figuring out how much it costs to remove rats, we know a couple of things to often be true. You will need trapping and probably – almost always – you will need repairs done to prevent them from coming back or getting worse. Our trapping program cost depends on your situation. If your looking to find out exactly what it costs to get rid of them and repair the entry points, your best bet is to call us out for an inspection.

Rat Exterminators – Pest Control

Typical pest control operators simply “treat” the problem with rat poison and that does work, however, it does nothing to prevent a future rodent problem. Another thing to consider is that, because poison does actually work when a rat or mouse eats it, you might have a bad smell from a dead mouse in the attic, under the house, or in the wall, or worse yet more than one!

Our trapping program for rats is designed to remove the rat from the building by use of traps so we can be sure and locate the rat and not have a situation where we cannot find the source of the smell. Rodent bait stations are really best used as part of the complete process after the building is rat proofed. This is done to help prevent a future occurrence.

Contact us immediately if you are ready to SOLVE your rodent problem. Pest Control companies often just treat the symptoms, and they don’t treat the actual problem. We work hard to seal up the structure to eliminate entry and remove food sources. Our goal is to SOLVE the problem. Give us a call if you have a rat or mouse issue. We are ready to work hard to get rid of the noises in the attic, the running around and the noise keeping you up at night!

Mouse or Rat Problem

Do I have a mouse or a rat problem? This is a good question, there is a difference in the two. Mice live in fear of rats and rarely share a dwelling. Regardless of which one you have a mouse or a rat is not welcome in the house! We basically work from the outside first to ensure that the house is secure from invading rodents and then remove the ones inside the structure. Preventing entry is the best defense! Simply treating the issue with poison will not provide a lasting solution. Poison alone often causes a bad odor from the dead mouse/rat and will require multiple treatments while never resolving the issue. Let us solve it by closing off the original entry points!