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Hole in the roof
Hole in the roof
Roof Damage
Roof Damage

Best ways to get rid of raccoons

Raccoons in the attic

  1. First you need to figure out how they are getting into the attic. Raccoons often create about a grapefruit sized hole. This hole could easily cause wood rot and or water damage to the roof. Common places to look are outside corners and inside corners of the roof. If you cannot easily inspect your roof you should call out a professional who is used to that type of work.
  2. Second, you might want to consider the fact that there might be young raccoons up there. If you trap the female and remove her you might have 3-5 little ones up there that could perish without food. Little raccoons, known as juveniles will begin to wander around the attic and make all sorts of noise as they rummage around for food. They are playful and curious, it is not uncommon for them to fall down into a wall void.
  3. Setting a trap to remove them does work, but again you need to locate the entry point and fix that or more could just move in later.
  4. Bottom line – hire us. We know what is involved and can provide a working solution.

Raccoons in the wall

  1. First, just like the attic recommendations you must find the entry point for later closure. We specialize in repair work related to wildlife control. Capturing the animal is just part of the solution
  2. If the raccoon has fallen down into the wall void and is stuck, we will have to cut open the wall. Opening a sheet rock wall with a live raccoon in it poses some obvious dangers and you should be ready to deal with a live animal that is NOT happy.
  3. If you can mark the wall when you hear the noise so we can easily locate the exact position. We do not want to make unnecessary cuts. We can often do some sort of repair to the wall once we get it out, but we may not be willing to do a perfect painted to match sheet rock repair. The technician will let you know what we can do prior to removal so you know what to expect.
  4. If the animal is dead, we can also clean the area to help remove any odor but realize there might still be a slight odor for a few days

Raccoons on the roof

  1. The best way to deter raccoons from the roof is to remove what we like to call easy access. Easy access could be tree limbs that are overhanging the roof line or even touching the roof. Tree limbs rubbing the edge of the roof not only allow animals an easy walk onto it but they can also damage the roof every time the wind blows
  2. Make sure to have the roof inspected to be sure that there isn’t a hole somewhere allowing them to get in
  3. A good sign is the large poop that can accumulate. You’ll often find it in the valley of the roof or in the gutters
  4. Raccoons can easily climb a gutter to gain access, other than greasing the pole there isn’t much to deter them from doing that. Again, if they are climbing the gutter, you may want to have the roof checked for holes allowing them in.

Raccoons in the pool

  1. The biggest danger would be feces or roundworm eggs in the pool water, but they do like to swim!
  2. If you’re finding raccoon feces in the pool it might have to be drained and refilled, especially if the feces were to test positive for the eggs.
  3. The CDC recommends a pool that has tested positive for the eggs to be filtered for 24 hours and backwash the filter media or drain the pool and rinse down the sides then refill. Because these eggs are microscopic it is impossible to tell if you completely got rid of them. Also, be aware that adding chlorine does not kill the eggs
  4. We do not provide testing. You’ll have to contact the health department and you must provide a sample of the feces for testing
  5. Because raccoons usually use shallow areas such as steps, there are ways to prevent them from accessing the area. Give us a call and perhaps we can provide a solution

Raccoons on the fence

  1. A raccoon travelling a fence line is fairly common and not much a concern because we cannot and should not attempt to rid the entire Memphis area of raccoons.
  2. To deter them from using the fence you can install a heavy gauge wire  along the top edge about an inch above the top. This simply provides a footing issue making it hard to navigate without getting tripped up. Since raccoons tend to travel the path of least resistance you may find that they will begin to avoid that fence line in their journeys.

Raccoons in the backyard

  1. Raccoons in the backyard isn’t necessarily considered a valid nuisance complaint however, if they are pooping in a sand box or trying to gain access to the house it could be!
  2. Be sure to keep any and all sources of food such as left out dog or cat food locked up or better yet inside. Bird feeders are often an attractant to wildlife because it is essentially free food
  3. For any other questions it’s best to call us

Raccoons in the shed

  1. Raccoons should not be living in the shed for sure, besides the obvious danger of accidentally coming into direct contact there is probably feces around.
  2. Like your home the shed should be secured so as to not allow any wildlife to take refuge for safety sake.
  3. If they are under the shed we can take action to remove them and install a barrier around the base to prevent it from happening again.

Raccoons on the back porch

  1. Raccoons do have nimble hands and can manipulate door handles. The most common thing we see is a torn screen on the porch or perhaps a left open door with dog or cat food present.
  2. If you have a food source remove it as soon as possible to prevent other animals from learning about it or you’ll have more critters helping themselves
  3. Some animals, like an opossum might just decide to curl up and take a nap. If you find one sleeping do not disturb it.
  4. Give us a call and we can humanely and safely remove it for you

Raccoons under the neighbors house

  1. Calling us to report a raccoon under the neighbors house isn’t really a valid complaint we can act on. We need landowner/homeowner permission to go on to enter the property of anyone else.
  2. You might do good to pass on our information to them since they may not know there is an issue that might need addressed.
  3. If you have any questions, give us call!

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