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How to get rid of Opossums

Opossums are indeed vital to the ecosystem but when they make their way into an attic or the living room very few people are happy about it and they start wondering who to call for an opossum problem and that’s where we come in.

We trap and remove opossums in the Memphis area all the time and we are quite good at it. Trapping the animal is only half the battle though as you’re going to want to know how it got into the attic in the first place.

Trapping as I said is only half the battle – to get rid of opossums you must get rid of the entry point. We will perform an inspection of the property to determine how they got in and offer you a full solution to completely solve your wildlife control problem. 

Opossums can be a real terror to those who are truly afraid of them. Often times these little guys mean no harm but regardless few people will accept them in the house!

If you find a Opossum in the attic or need an expert Opossum removal done we are the right people to call. We are familiar with Opossums, and Opossum elimination. Sometimes you will need to do more than just remove them, you may have to clear up some brush, remove a wood pile or repair holes in your foundation.

Opossums are there because one or more of their primary needs are being met. Exterminators cannot treat an opossum problem like they would if it were an insect. There is no spray, or magic potion to remove them. The best way to get rid of them is to trap and remove, then seal up any potential entry points. If we can use a positive setup that’s what we’ll do. A positive setup is where the trap is placed at the entry point directly. This is the fastest way to remove an animal other than a direct capture.

I like to call Opossums, natures homeless people.

They wander around in a seemingly mindless manor but they are actually quite smart. Some say they rank up there with dogs in intelligence!

How much does opossum removal cost?

The best answer I can give you is to call and have us come out and perform an inspection. Remember, the opossum is not the real problem – there is something open allowing them to enter. To truly solve the problem we have to find and repair the hole. Give us a call and we will surely help you right away!

Do Mothballs work to get rid of Opossums?

Yes they do if you have enough of them! To get rid of an opossum using moth balls you will need so many that you will not be able to stand it either, so we highly discourage you to use them – besides they are for moths! Again, do not use mothballs for animals at all, mothballs are for moths NOT opossums!


A few baits for an opossum are:

  • Marsh mellows – yep they have a sweet tooth.
  • Cat food – this will attract cats unlike marsh mellows
  • Sardines – sure these work too, but after a couple of days they will begin to smell horrible
  • Fried foods – again, it can catch animals
  • Peanut Butter – never met an opossum with a nut allergy

For the best results though, we use commercially prepared professional baits in our traps! You can find professional baits for wildlife at


Quick Fact about  this lawn damaging critter!

Opossums and possums are scientifically two different groups of animals.

The term “Possum” covers about 70 species of marsupials in Australia

And the term “OPOSSUM” covers about 100 species of marsupials in the western hemisphere – including our own area in Memphis.

So give us a call for an OPOSSUM as  it is doubtful you will find a “possum” in or near Memphis, TN!

We still however, get the phone calls like “Help I have a possum in my kitchen cabinet” but we know what were up against!

Memphis opossum in a trap

Memphis Opossum

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