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Memphis Armadillo removal – Exterminators

Armadillo removal is sometimes necessary because armadillos can cause problems in the yard! They can be very destructive. 

How do you get rid of digging in the yard? Simple we trap and remove the armadillos causing the problem.

How can you tell an armadillo is digging up your yard?

  • The digging is along the border of a path or garden
  • The damage is caused sometime in the night.
  • You have a big hole next to your foundation with a lot of dirt piled up in front of it.

We know the difference in the holes made by an armadillo vs. a raccoon.

Raccoons sometimes dig up the grass/soil similar to an armadillo, the difference is that they are using their hands and an armadillo is using his nose and powerful claws. You’ll have to look at the damage to see the difference and also the location. Raccoons will damage the lawn all over and not just along the borders. Armadillos, if there are enough of them in the yard can sometimes cause widespread damage too but it looks different.

There is no known bait proven effective for armadillos so we rely on our skills in setting up traps to guide these half blind animals into our traps. We often look at the lay of the land and the structures surrounding the area to help us catch them as quickly as possible.

Armadillos can carry leprosy, and damage the foundation. Often they eat termites and ants which is a good thing. If you have a termite barrier often an armadillo will void your warranty so check with your pest care professional once the critter digging the holes has been removed

Armadillos - We relocate them

Armadillos caught

Armadillo trapping setup


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