Dead Animal Removal & Deodorization

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What’s That Smell?

Have you set poisonous bait around your attic, in hopes of solving your wildlife problem? If so, you should consider removing the bait, and instead hire a trapper to remove the animal. Why? Well, you’ll soon understand! You likely know it’s too late if you find yourself whiffing something horrendous from underneath your floor or inner walls. Chances are you succeeded in killing the nuisance animal. Now, however, your house smells like death, and you’re going to need to cut into the house to remove the dead animal. Well folks, Apex Wildlife Control is here to help with our dead animal removal service!


Dead Animal Removal & Deodorization (D&D)

With our Dead Animal Removal Services, we will locate the dead animal and remove it. This assures that we keep your property sanitized and germ free. The smell of carrion is perhaps one of the worst smells you’ll ever experience. Removing the deceased animal directly from the source is often the only relief you’ll find. Not easily bothered by decaying flesh? The health hazards and other pests that will soon come as result should bother you plenty!

You don’t want to attract other critters & pests into your house! It’s only a matter of time before a decaying animal attracts flies, roaches, beetles, & predatory animals to your property. What’s perhaps worse are the health concerns. Airborne pathogens such as Hantavirus are common from decaying animals. As the animal rots, these bacteria may spread through your air ducts, circulated by your air conditioning during the hot summer.

How Does Apex Wildlife Control Operate?

Apex Wildlife Control operates by sending out our D&D team. This crew of qualified, trained, & licensed professionals evaluate and inspect the source of the issue. Upon this inspection, they give consultation, after which they begin to remove the dead animal. This may involve cutting into walls if the animal has crawled deep into them. Once again, we highly suggest trapping as a superior removal method! It doesn’t have to come to these extremes.

Once the animal is removed, our technicians will perform the deodorization and sanitation. This will remedy the smell and health hazards, and return your living conditions back to normal. The pathogens will be eliminated, as will any fecal matter and contaminants.

In closing, Apex Wildlife Control wants to remind you just how superior trapping is to poisonous bait. Trapping prevents all of this. Further, an Apex Wildlife Control technician performs a full inspection & located all points of entry. Once this entry point is determined and closed off, the problem will cease to persist. We will solve your problem.

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