Raccoon Mating Season Is Here!

Don’t let your home be a raccoon’s next choice in raising their family or rodents!   Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi id velit diam. Maecenas porttitor suscipit accumsan. Praesent viverra tellus vitae felis tristique pellentesque. Proin sodales mi condimentum purus pulvinar interdum. Nullam dolor augue, condimentum vitae aliquam eget, pharetra sit […]

Squirrels & Your Home: Memphis Squirrel Control

If you’re hearing scratching or running in your attic, then you need to consult a professional about squirrel control! Squirrels can cause major roof, attic, and general home damages. While they may be cute and tiny in size, make no mistake that these local rodents can cause major damages to your home and property. Apex Wildlife […]

Benefits of Humane Animal Control

This one seems obvious, but not everyone sees our point of view when we talk about what humane animal recovery can mean. When you’ve got nuisance-causing animals on your property, you just want them gone. Humane animal control really means performing animal removal with respect and dignity towards the wildlife your trying to remove. We […]