Dead Animal Removal & Deodorization

What’s That Smell? Have you set poisonous bait around your attic, in hopes of solving your wildlife problem? If so, you should consider removing the bait, and instead hire a trapper to remove the animal. Why? Well, you’ll soon understand! You likely know it’s too late if you find yourself whiffing something horrendous from underneath your […]

Eliminate Fire Hazards With a Home Inspection

Prevent 20% of Fires With a Home Inspection It’s time for a home inspection. Did you know that chewed wiring by small rodents accounts for 20% of undetermined house fires?If left unhampered, nuisance wildlife such as raccoons, rats, & mice will destroy duct-work, vents, and wiring. All of which can lead to disastrous fires that […]

Apex Wildlife Control: Honey Bee Removal

Honey Bee Removal Apex Wildlife Control recently made local Memphis headlines after it removed thousands of honey bees from one of Mississippi’s oldest homes. During the bee removal and relocation Apex Wildlife  Control paid close attention, as to not damage the cabin or the precious insects. It was a great honor for Apex Wildlife Control. […]